2016 Fresno Food Expo

valley lahvosh with simon majumdar


Valley Lahvosh Baking Company truly enjoyed being a sponsor and exhibitor at the 2016 Fresno Food Expo! We love participating in the Food Expo because we get to meet new people and reunite with some familiar faces. The most memorable encounter was with Simon Majumdar!


Valley Business Awards and Installation Luncheon

Valley Lahvosh Baking Company


Every year the Fresno Chamber of Commerce holds the Valley Business Awards and Installation Luncheon where they honor businesses within the community. We are proud to announce that Agnes Saghatelian, president of Valley Lahvosh Baking Company has been selected as the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year Award Recipient!

How to Make Valley Lahvosh Crackerbread Soft and Flexible!

Valley Lahvosh Crackerbread products are a great healthy alternative to fried snacks. Our crispy crackers can be easily made into soft crackers that are great with any meal! Check out how to do so with these easy steps!


Post-Halloween Treats and Ideas!

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Just before you start tossing the carved jack-o-lanterns and eating all the left over candy, try these great ideas for post-Halloween fun.

Instead of having the kids snack on candy for the next week, try giving them different snacks to munch on. Valley Lahvosh has individually pack crackerbread products that are convenient and delicious. The cinnamon hearts are just as sweet as candy!


The Story of Lahvosh


In ancient Armenia there was a king named Aram. During a battle he was taken prisoner by the Assyrian king Nosor. The victor offered the following to his prisoner. "You will remain without food for ten days. On the eleventh day we shall duel with spears. lf you defeat me l shall set you free to return to your country with regal honors."


Baking With Kids


Do you remember your first time baking as a kid? It was probably a lot of fun baking with your parents while learning recipes you still remember today. Baking with kids is a great experience and activity for both child and parent. Since there are so many creative ways to get your child involved in baking, here’s list of a few of our favorites.


The New Way To Tailgate


Football season is upon us! Besides the big game, tailgating has been the highlight to every football fan. And the highlight to every tailgate is food. Like any party, tailgating is not a party without the tasty entrees.


Gastropub Invasion!


Just when you thought you’ve been to every kind of restaurant, here comes the Gastropub, invading trendy urban areas near you! Gastropubs integrate the best of fine dining (upscale, locally-sourced ingredients prepared by talented chefs) with a laid-back, come as you are, casual dining experience.


When Planning the Perfect Wedding, Be Creative!


Tuxedos, flowers, sparklers, family and love is in the air: which could only mean that wedding season is here! As social media sites continue to grow and transform (such as Pinterest and Etsy), more and more weddings have taken on a life of their own by incorporating family values and entertainment characteristics. Entrance tables, party favors, place cards, invitations, and even guestbooks are beginning to showcase the personality of brides and grooms everywhere.


Move Over Peanut Butter, There’s a New Spread in Town!

almond-butterYou may have noticed that the peanut butter section at your local grocery store is now overflowing with a considerable assortment of nut butters and sandwich spreads. Gone are the days when deciding which peanut butter to get was so simple: chunky or smooth? Among the seemingly endless varieties of both healthy and unhealthy alternatives, one nut butter in particular known as almond butter, has sparked a new craze among nutritionists and foodies as a result of its nutritional profile and its great flavor.



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